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Ionut Topala


Teaching assistantAlexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, RomaniaFaculty of PhysicsPlasma Physics and Medical Applications LaboratoryLaboratory work:- Introduction to plasma physics- Atomic and molecular physics- Biostructure- Dynamics of biological processesResearch interests: - plasma surface modification of polymers- plasma polymerization- biomaterials - biocompatibility

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Faculty of Physics, Plasma Physics Laboratory, Iasi, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1981

Interese: fizica plasmei, descarcarea bariera, tratamenta de suprafata cu plasma, biomateriale, biocompatibilitate, polimeri, metode pentru studiul suprafetei

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Teaching assistant

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania
Faculty of Physics
Plasma Physics and Medical Applications Laboratory

Laboratory work:

- Introduction to plasma physics
- Atomic and molecular physics
- Biostructure
- Dynamics of biological processes

Research interests:
- plasma surface modification of polymers
- plasma polymerization
- biomaterials
- biocompatibility

Publicații selectate:

* Ionut Topala, Mihai Asandulesa, Delia Spridon, Nicoleta Dumitrascu, Hydrophobic Coatings Obtained in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma, IEEE Transaction on Plasma Science, 37(6), 2009.

* Ionut Topala, Nicoleta Dumitrascu, Gheorghe Popa, Properties of the acrylic acid polymers obtained by atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 267(2), 2009.

* Ionut Topala, Mihai Asandulesa, Nicoleta Dumitrascu, Gheorghe Popa, Jean Durand, Application of dielectric barrier discharge for plasma polymerization processes, Mihai Popescu, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 10(8), 2008.

* Ionut Topala, Nicoleta Dumitrascu, Dynamics of the wetting process on dielectric barrier discharge (DBD)-treated wood surfaces, VSP, an imprint of Brill, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 22(11), 2007.

* Ionut Topala, Nicoleta Dumitrascu, Valentin Pohoata, Influence of Plasma Treatments on the Hemocompatibility of PET and PET + TiO2 Films, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 27(1), 2007.

* Stephanie Roualdes, Ionut Topala, Habiba Mahdjoub, Vincent Rouessac, Philippe Sistat, Jean Durand, Sulfonated polystyrene-type plasma-polymerized membranes for miniature direct methanol fuel cells, Journal of Power Sources, 158 (2), 2006.

* N. Dumitrascu, I. Topala, G. Popa, Dielectric Barrier Discharge Technique in Improving the Wettability and Adhesion Properties of Polymer Surfaces, Steven Gitomer, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 33(5), 2005.