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Vasile Ersek

Vasile Ersek

I study various aspects of past climate changes worldwide as well as the impact of past human activities on the environment.

Northumbria University, Newcastle, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1978

Interese: paleoclima, stalagmite, pesteri, schimbari climatice, izotopi, geochimie, geologie

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* , Precise timing of abrupt increase in dust activity in the Middle East coincident with 4.2 ka social change.

* , Impact of climate change on the transition of Neanderthals to modern humans in Europe.

* , Exceptionally high levels of lead pollution in the Balkans from the Early Bronze Age to the Industrial Revolution.

* Dumitru, Oana, Forray, Ferenc, Fornós, Joan, Ersek, Vasile and Onac, Bogdan, Water isotopic variability in Mallorca: a path to understanding past changes in hydroclimate, Hydrological Processes, 2016.

* Gałka, Mariusz, Tobolski, Kazimierz, Lamentowicz, Łukasz, Ersek, Vasile, Jassey, Vincent, van der Knaap, Willem and Lamentowicz, Mariusz, Unveiling exceptional Baltic bog ecohydrology, autogenic succession and climate change during the last 2000 years in CE Europe using replicate cores, multi-proxy data and functional traits of testate amoebae, Elsevier, Quaternary Science Reviews, 156, 2017.

* Gałka, Mariusz, Tanţău, Ioan, Ersek, Vasile and Feurdean, Angelica, A 9000 year record of cyclic vegetation changes identified in a montane peatland deposit located in the Eastern Carpathians (central-Eastern Europe): Autogenic succession or regional climatic influences?, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 449, 2016.

* McGregor, Helen, Evans, Michael, Goosse, Hugues, Leduc, Guillaume, Martrat, Belen, Addison, Jason, Mortyn, Graham, Oppo, Delia, Seidenkrantz, Marit-Solveig, Sicre, Marie-Alexandrine, Phipps, Steven, Selvaraj, Kandasamy, Thirumalai, Kaustubh, Filipsson, Helena and Ersek, Vasile, Robust global ocean cooling trend for the pre-industrial Common Era, Nature Geoscience, 8, 2015.

* V. Drãguşin, M. Staubwasser, D. L. Hoffmann, V. Ersek, B. P. Onac, and D. Veres, Constraining Holocene hydrological changes in the Carpathian-Balkan region using speleothem d18O and pollen-based temperature reconstructions, Climate of the Past, 10, 2014.

* Ersek, V., Clark, P.U., Mix, A.C., Cheng, H. and Edwards, R.L., Holocene winter climate variability in mid-latitude western North America, Nature Communications, 3, 2012.

* Rushdi, A., Clark, P., Mix, A. Ersek,V., Simoneit, B. Cheng, H., Edwards, R.L., Composition and sources of lipid compounds in speleothem calcite from southwestern Oregon and their paleoenvironmental implications, Environmental Earth Sciences, doi:10.1007/s12665-010-0613-4, 2010.

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* Ersek, V., Analyses of Common Elements and Oxides in the Paleosols of the Bahamas and of the Northern Mariana Islands, Mississippi State University, 2004.