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Peter Laszlo Pap


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Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1975

Interese: eto-ecologie, ecologia pasarilor, interactia intre gazda si paraziti

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Publicații selectate:

* Pap PL, Vagasi CI, Czirjak GA, Titilincu A, Pintea A, Barta Z, Carotenoids modulate the effect of coccidian infection on condition and immune response in moulting house sparrows, Journal of Experimental Biology, 212, 2009.

* Pap, P.L., Barta, Z., Tökölyi, J., Vágási, I.C., Increase of feather quality during moult: a possible implication of feather deformities in the evolution of partial moult in the great tit., Journal of Avian Biology, 38, 2007.

* Pap, P.L., Tökölyi, J., Szép, T., Host–symbiont relationship and abundance of feather mites in relation to age and body condition of the barn swallow (Hirundo rustica): an experimental study, Canadian Journal of Zoology, 83, 2005.

* Pap, P.L., Tökölyi, J., Szép, T., Frequency and consequences of feather holes in Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica, Ibis, 146, 2005.

* Pap, P.L., Márkus R., Cost of reproduction, T-lymphocyte mediated immunocompetence and health status in female and nestling Barn Swallows Hirundo rustica, Journal of Avian Biology, 34, 2003.

* Pap, P.L., Breeding time and sex-specific health status in the barn swallow (Hirundo rustica), Canadian Journal of Zoology, 80, 2002.

* Pap, P.L., Szép, T., Tökölyi, J., Piper, S.E., Habitat preference, escape behavior and cues used by feather mites to avoid molting wing feathers, Oxford Journals, Behavioral Ecology, 17, 2006.