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Iulia Ghiu


PhD Thesis: 'Applications of the quantum information processing', June 2007, with the distinction 'Summa Cum Laude' from the University of Bucharest.

University of Bucharest, Bucharest, .

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Publicații selectate:

* Iulia Ghiu, Gunnar Bjork, Paulina Marian, and Tudor A. Marian, Probing light polarization with the quantum Chernoff bound, The American Physical Society, Physical Review A, 82, 2010.

* Iulia Ghiu, Local transformations of superpositions of entangled states, Physics Letters A, 373, 2009.

* M. Boca, I. Ghiu, P. Marian, and T. A. Marian, Quantum Chernoff bound as a measure of nonclassicality for one-mode Gaussian states, Physical Review A, 79, 2009.

* Iulia Ghiu and A. Karlsson, Broadcasting of entanglement at a distance using linear optics and telecloning of entanglement, Physical Review A, 72, 2005.

* Iulia Ghiu, Asymmetric quantum telecloning of d-level systems and broadcasting of entanglement to different locations using the "many-to-many" communication protocol, Physical Review A, 67, 2003.

* Iulia Ghiu, M. Bourennane, and A. Karlsson, Entanglement-assisted local transformations between inequivalent classes of three-particle entangled states, Physics Letters A, 287, 2001.