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Tudorita (Doina) Tumbar


The focus of my laboratory is the understanding of basic mechanisms that regulate the fate of stem cells within tissues. We are currently studying skin and hair follicle stem cells using cell culture and the mouse as model systems. Hair follicle stem cells reside in their niche in a quiescent state, but become rapidly activated in response to homeostatic and injury signals to regenerate the tissue. We are analyzing the physiological role of several genes implicated in different aspects of stem cell activation, self-renewal, and differentiation. Our general focus is on stem cell fate choice by epigenetic regulation, transcription regulation via specific developmental transcription factors, and chromatin modifying factors. Additionally, we recently began to explore the potential implication of our genes of interest in cancer.

Cornell University, Ithaca, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1970

Interese: celule stem, genetica in soareci, transcriptie, cromatina

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Laboratorul nostru studiaza mecanismele de baza implicate in deciziile celulelor stem de a se diferentia sau produce mai multe celule de acelasi fel. Cercetarea noastra foloseste pielea de soareci ca model de studiu. Celulele stem din par se gasesc intr-o zona specializata care functioneaza ca o nisa protectoare. Aceasta nisa prin semnalele ei biologice mentine celulele stem intr-o stare dormanta, temporar aflata in afara ciclului de diviziune. Aceste celule pot fi activate rapid sa se divida ca reactie la semnale biologice care promoveaza homeostazia tesutului si repararea ranilor. Grupul nostru analizeaza rolul catorva factori de transcriptie si factori epigenetici de remodelare a histonelor si structurii cromatinei. Unii dintre acesti factori sunt in aparenta implicati in cancerul de piele si cancerul oral.

Publicații selectate:

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