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Viorel Pais

Viorel Pais

Senior Researcher, Bucharest, .

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Pagina web personala:

Nascut(a) in: 1942

Interese: neuropatologie, neurobiologie, biologie vasculara, fiziologie, dermatologie, microscopie electronica, cortex cerebral, celule interstitiale tip Cajal (cordocite), moarte celulara programata, celule stem, regenerare celulara, fenotip si plasticitate celulara

flag Details:
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology, Bucharest, Romania
Doctor of Biology (Cellular Biology)

Professional Affiliations and Honors:
Romanian Society for Cell Biology (1985-2000), Balkan Medical Union (1986-1990), European Society of Pathology (1997-2000), World Stroke Organization (1997-2011), American Chemical Society (2010-2011), New York Academy of Sciences (2009-2011), Who's who in Romania Medical (2006), Gheorghe Marinescu Award recipient of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences (2008), Who's Who in the World (2014, 2016, 2018), Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2016-2017 (12th Edition); Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (2018, 2019); Post-mortem member, Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences (2017)

Professional Activity:
1967-1971: Biologist, Scientific Researcher, The Food Research Institute, Microbiology Department, Bucharest, Romania
1972-1982: Scientific Researcher, The Dermato-Venereologic Center, Electron Microscopy Department, Bucharest, Romania
1980: Associate Faculty Member, The University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cellular Biology and Histology Department, Bucharest, Romania
1982-1990: Head of the Electron Microscopy Department of the Neurosurgery Clinic, The Neurology and Psychiatry Institute, Bucharest, Romania
1991-1992: Scientific Researcher, The Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuropharmacology and the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medical Biotechnology, The University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1992-1994: Associate Faculty Member, The Ecologic University, Faculty of Medicine, Cellular and Molecular Biology and Histology Department, Bucharest, Romania
1993-1994: Specialist Biologist, The Gheorghe Lupu Clinical Hospital, Dermatology Clinic, Bucharest, Romania
1995: Chair, Cellular Pathology, The Hyperion University, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
1997: Chair, Cellular Pathology, The Titu Maiorescu University, Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
1994-2006: Senior Researcher, The Victor Babes National Institute for Research and Development in Pathology and Biomedical Sciences, Electron Microscopy Department, Bucharest, Romania
2008-2012: Visiting Scientist at the California NanoSystems Institute, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
2012: Co-Chairman, 5th Annual Congress of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell, Guangzhou, China
2012-2014: Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Stem Cell Research and Transplantation
2013-2014: Editorial Board Member, Frontiers in Bioscience
2014: Invited Speaker, 4th World Congress on Cell Science and Stem Cell Research, Valencia, Spain
Reviewer, Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences

Author and co-author of 22 books, 245 scientific publications in the neuropathologic and dermatologic electron microscopy field published in national and international specialty journals.

Original, major scientific contributions:

1. Identified a special phenotype of interstitial cell in the human brain, named "cordocyte" and, significantly, demonstrated the potential, morphological roles of this cell for neuroprotection and vasculoprotection using transmission electron microscopy
2. Proposed the term "cordocytoma" for classification of the fibrous meningeal tumors derived from cordocytes
3. Demonstrated for the first time in the specialty literature using transmission electron microscopy that pia mater is formed by cordocytes and blood vessels
4. Identified a new type of autoschizis and a survival cellular mechanism that involves cell membrane by using transmission electron microscopy
5. Performed experimental electron microscopic studies on the protective action of Gerovital H3 on the skin
6. Designed an electron microscopy study concerning the difference between hematoma and cerebral hemorrhage
7. Introduced the concept of "intimoma" or "myoma" in classification of intimal lesions of atherosclerosis, term accepted by neurosurgeons
8. Described for the first time in the world the intimal sarcoma with transmural migration of tumoral cells
9. Initated, elaborated, and conducted an optional "Cellular Pathology" course at the Faculties of General Medicine and Dentistry - Ecologic University, Titu Maiorescu University, and Hyperion University (1992-2000)
10. Wrote for the first time in Romania a monograph of an organ in normal and pathological conditions by using electron microscopy: Ultrastructura pielii umane (in conditii normale si patologice), Editura Medicala, Bucharest (1983)

Publicații selectate:

* Viorel Pais, Emil Sebastian Pais, Intercellular communication by extracellular vesicles with emphasis on the roles of cordocytes in the human brain. An ultrastructural study, Ultrastructural Pathology, 39(3), 2015.

* Viorel Pais, Emil Pais, From precursor/stem cells to cordocytic phenotypes in the skin, International Journal of Stem Cell Research and Transplantation, 2, 2014.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Emil Pais, The vascular stem cell niches and their significance in the brain, Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences, 58(3), 2014.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Emil Pais, Cordocytes-stem cells cooperation in the human brain with emphasis on pivotal role of cordocytes in perivascular areas of broken and thrombosed vessels, Ultrastructural Pathology, 37(6), 2013.

* Leon Danaila, Irinel Popescu, Viorel Pais, Dan Riga, Sorin Riga, Emil Pais, Apoptosis, paraptosis, necrosis, and cell regeneration in posttraumatic cerebral arteries, Romanian Society of Surgery, Chirurgia (Bucur), 108(3), 2013.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Emil Pais, Ultrastructural patterns of the activated cell death programs in the human brain, Ultrastructural Pathology, 37(2), 2013.

* Dobrila Marcel, Pais Viorel, Patru Ionel, Expertiza urmelor de natura piloasa prin microscopie electronica, Ministerul de Interne, Tratat practic de criminalistica, 2, 1978.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Early and late coexistence of apoptosis and paraptosis in perivascular vasculogenic focuses and posttraumatic cerebral arteries, and their pathophysiologic significance, Proceedings of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 2010.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Multifaceted intracranial neuroprotection by means of the ultimate intelligent and efficient defender: the interstitial cell. A new cytodynamic perspective, Proceedings of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 2009.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Atlas de patologie cerebro-vasculara, Cartea Universitara, 2005.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Vasculogenesis, angiogenesis and vascular tumorigenesis in the brain. An atlas of cerebrovascular cytohistopathology. Second Edition, Cartea Universitara, 2007.

* Viorel Pais, Biologie si patologie celulara si moleculara, Editura Romfel, 1995.

* Viorel Pais, Atlas de patologie ultrastructurala cutanata, Editura Ager, 2002.

* Leon Danaila, Viorel Pais, Ateroscleroza cerebrala ischemica, Editura Medicala, 2004.

* Leon Danaila, Viorel Pais, Ateroscleroza cerebrala din sistemul carotidian, Editura Stiintifica si Enciclopedica, 1988.

* Vulcan Pavel, Vulcan Vasilica, Pais Viorel, Grigore Maria, Profuse multiple trichoepitheliomas of the face, scalp and buttocks. Histological, histochemical and ultrastructural study, Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie, 110(8), 1983.

* Alexandru Badanoiu, Vasilica Vulcan, Viorel Pais, Notes on the intermediary form of incontinentia pigmenti, Dermatologische Monatschrift, 162(1), 1976.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, The Interstitial Cells of the Human Brain. An Atlas of Light and Electron Microscopy, Ars Academica, 2010.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, The Ultrastructure of the Dying Cells in the Brain. An Atlas of Transmission Electron Microscopy, Ars Academica, 2011.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Emil Pais, A comparative ultrastructural study of a new type of autoschizis versus a survival cellular mechanism that involves cell membranes of cerebral arteries in humans, Ultrastructural Pathology, 36(3), 2012.

* Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Emil Pais, From pluripotent stem cells to multifunctional cordocytic phenotypes in the human brain: an ultrastructural study, Ultrastructural Pathology, 36(4), 2012.

* Leon Danaila, Viorel Pais, The thread-protective cell, a new cell performing multiple tasks, Romanian Society of Surgery, Chirurgia (Bucur), 106(6), 2011.