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Mariana Constantinovici


Biotehnos, Otopeni, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1972

Interese: biotehnologii medicale, dezvoltare produse farmaceutice, testari in vitro

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Activitate de cercetare in domeniul testarii in vitro a actiunii biocosmetice si medicinale a unor principii biologic active
Analize biochimice in sisteme celulare si acelulare pentru testarea efectului bioproduselor la nivel celular

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Laboratory experience in the field of enzymatic activity determinations, kinetic data gathering, statistical data analyses using dedicated soft programs and estimation of kinetic parameters (rate constants, activation energies);
Cellular biology techniques for handling, manipulation and drug testing on normal and dysplasic cell cultures;
Biochemical and toxicological in vitro characterization of compounds with pharmaceutical and dermatocosmetic potential; cellular and tissular therapies in pathological processes and adaptative mechanisms of human cells.

Publicații selectate:

* B. Dumitriu, L. Olariu, M. Constantinovici, L. Zglimbea, N. Rosoiu, Estrogen-like” effect of some phytocompounds from Trifolium pratense for modulation of dermal fibroblasts physiology, FEBS Journal, 278, suppl. 1, 2011.

* M. Constantinovici, L. Zglimbea, N. Dociu, A. Netoiu, L. Olariu, Evaluation of metabolic effects of two triterpenic derivates obtained from Salvia sp. on endothelial primary cell culture Huvec, Tox. Let., 196S, 2010.

* N. Rosoiu, R. Nita, D. Ene, M. Constantinovici, L. Olariu, 'In vitro and in vivo investigation of some bioactive extracts rich in glycosaminoglycans obtained from small sea fish, FEBS Journal, 276 (Suppl.1), 2009.