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Constantin Rezlescu


Harvard University, Cambridge, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1977

Interese: face perception, prosopagnosia, object representation

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PhD: University College London 2009-2013
Postdoc: Harvard University 2013-

Publicații selectate:

* Rezlescu, C., Susilo, T., Barton, J., & Duchaine, B., Social perception of faces in acquired prosopagnosia, Journal of Vision, 12(9), 2012.

* Rezlescu, C., Duchaine, B., Olivola, C.Y., & Chater, N., Unfakeable Facial Configurations Affect Strategic Choices in Trust Games with or without Information about Past Behavior, PLoS ONE, 7(3), 2012.

* Rezlescu, C., Pitcher, D., & Duchaine, B., Acquired prosopagnosia with spared within-class object recognition but impaired recognition of degraded basic-level objects, Cognitive Neuropsychology, 29(4), 2012.