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Iuliana Ristea Popescu


University of Kentucky, Lexington, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Pagina web a instituţiei:

Nascut(a) in: 1976

Interese: diabetes, nuclear receptors, metabolism, obesity,

flag Details:
PhD - Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Lille 2 University France, European Genomic Institute of Diabetes (EGID), INSERM U1011 Lille, France - Lab. of Nuclear Receptors, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes
***Implication of the nuclear receptor FXR in glucose metabolism and diabetes. Study of its expression, regulation and function in the endocrine pancreas.
- Master in Biophysics & Cellular Biotechnologies, Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest
- Faculty of Pharmacy, UMF Bucharest

Work experience in research:
- 2014, Post-doc, Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA. (Diabetic cardiomyopathy)
- 2011 - 2013, Post-doc / visiting researcher, Lab. of Experimental Hormonology - ULB Brussels, Belgium (Glucose transporters in diabetic islets)
- 2010 - 2011,Post-doc, Lab. of General Histology & Neuropathology - ULB Brussels, Belgium (stem cell therapy in ALS)

Involvement in research projects:
- NIH Project on Cardiac remodelling of diabetic heart (UK 2014, USA)
- EU FP7 Project VIBRANT (In Vivo Imaging of Beta-cell Receptors by Applied Nano Technology), ULB Brussels (2011 - 2013)
- Thierry Latran Foundation / Fondation de France - Human motor neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSc),a new approach for modeling and treating human ALS" (2010-2011), Brussels
- EU FP6 Project HEPADIP (Hepatic and Adipose Tissue and Functions in the Metabolic Syndrome), 2006-2009, INSERM 1011, France
- Agence Nationale de Recherche (ANR, France) (The role of nuclear receptor FXR in glucose homeostasis), 2006-2009, INSERM 1011, France

Publicații selectate:

* I. Popescu, P. Demetter, P. Loi, W.J. Malaisse and A. Sener, Species-specific differences in islet expression pattern of glucose transporters, Metabolic and Functional Research on Diabetes (Online), Vol 6, 2013.

* Caroline.Bonner, Iuliana Popescu, Gurvan Queniat, Valery Gmyr, Ericka Moerman, Cedric Beaucamps, Nathalie Delalleau, Julien Thevenet, William J. Malaisse, Abdullah Sener, Amar Abderrahmani, Bart Staels, Julie Kerr-Conte, Francois Pattou., The glucose transporter SGLT 2 is expressed in human pancreatic alpha cells and is required for proper control of glucagon secretion in type 2 diabetes, DIABETES, 63 (Supplement 1), 2014.

* S. Cetik, E. Hupkens, WJ Malaisse, A Sener, I. Popescu , Expression and localization of glucose transporters in the submandibular salivary glands, CELL PHYSIOL BIOCHEM, 2014.

* I Popescu, PPARs as metabolic integrators in pancreatic beta-cells. New challenges for the therapy of type 2 diabetes , Studia Univ Arad, 2011.

* Awada A, Nicaise C, Ena S, Schandéné L, Rasschaert J, Popescu I, Gangji V, Soyfoo MS, Potential involvement of the IL-33/ST2 axis in the pathogenesis of primary Sjögren’s syndrome., ANN RHEUM DIS, 2014.

* Virreira M, Popescu I, Gillet C, Zhang Y, Thimm J, Thiem J, WJ Malaisse, A. Sener, Immunocytochemistry of GLUT2, uptake of fluorescent streptozotocin analogs and phosphorylation of D-glucose in INS1E cells, MOL MED REP, 2013.

* I.Popescu, C.Nicaise, S Liu, G Bisch, S Kinipenberg, V Daubie, D Bohl, R Pochet, Neural progenitors derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells survive and differentiate upon transplantation into a rat model of ALS, STEM CELL Transl Med, 2013.

* I Popescu, Signaling through bile acids – the impact on their own metabolism and lipid homeostasis , MET FUNCT RES IN DIAB, 2011.

* J. Prawitt, M. Abdelkarim, J. Stroeve, I.Popescu, H. Duez, V. R.Velagapudi, J. Dumont, E. Bouchaert, T.H. Van Dijk, A. Lucas, E. Dorchies, M. Daoudi, FJ. Gonzalez, M. Oresic, B. Cariou, F. Kuipers, S. Caron, B. Staels, Farnesoid X receptor deficiency improves glucose homeostasis in mouse models of obesity, DIABETES, 60(7), 2011.

* I Ristea Popescu, A. Helleboid-Chapman, A. Lucas, B. Vandewalle, J. Kerr Conte, J. Dumont, E. Bouchaert, S. Caron, F. Pattou, B. Staels, The nuclear receptor FXR is expressed in pancreatic beta-cells and protects human islets from lipotoxicity,, FEBS Letters, 2010.