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Fakiha Heakal


Faculty of Science - Cairo University, Giza, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

Nascut(a) in: 1944

Interese: Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Passivity, Materials

flag Details:
• Characterization of electrochemical and Corrosion behavior of metallic materials and biomaterials degradation and finding practical solution for their protection against corrosion with green organic inhibitors or surface nano-coatings, using EIS and other conventional electrochemical techniques, as well as surface characterization analyses.

• Investigating the stability of spontaneous native as well as anodic oxide thin films on surfaces of valve metals (Ti, Zr, Al, W, Bi) and active metals, as well as on their alloys in aqueous media. Also, the role of various electrical or environmental test parameters that control the characteristics of such films.

• Effect of media on the adsorption and orientation of some important organic compounds (such as adenosine and coumarin), as well as on the reduction of some metallic cations at the dropping mercury electrode/solution interface using dc polarography with superimposed ac voltage differential capacitance technique.