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Felicia Gheorghiu


Short Biography: Born in Iasi, Iasi in 1982. (a) Bachelor degree in Physics, Technological physics, Engineer Diploma; 2001-2006: (b) Master degree in Physics, Advanced Materials Physics. Nanotechnologies, 2006-2008. (c) PhD in Physics (by the order No. 3639/27.03.2012 of the Education Ministry), "Al. I. Cuza" University, Iasi, Romania, (“Study of the electrical and magnetic properties of single phase and composite multiferroic systems“), 2008-2011.

Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza , Iasi, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1982

Interese: Cercetare Stiintifica: materiale multiferoice; ceramici; studiul proprietatilor functionale (dielectrice, magnetice, magnetoelectrice, feroelectrice etc); metode de preparare a pulberilor si ceramicilor

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Areas of Research:
Felicia Gheorghiu is a Scientific Researcher at RAMTECH Center from “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. The research activity is focused on the investigation of the multifunctional materials with applications in microelectronics, and in particular, in the field of multiferroics with magnetoelectric coupling (large expertise in the preparation, micro/nanoscale characterization, physico-chemical properties, and electrical and magnetic characterization of these materials). The specific research topics are: (i) multiferroics with magnetoelectric coupling (single-phase and composites ceramics); (ii) dielectric spectroscopy characterization of double perovskite ceramics. (iii) preparation and characterization of PZT-based multiferroic composite films obtained by RF-magnetron sputtering. (iv) experimental study of the dielectric/ferroelectric properties of various ferroelectrics.

Major results:
Co-author of 17 ISI papers with an individual impact factor IF=4.715; 5 papers in non-ISI national journals; co-author of 1 patent (national, ISI indexed); Participation in the last 5 years with 66 presentations (orals and posters) to international and national conferences; 157 citations (without self-citations), Hirsch factor h=8 (according to WoS); 2 research stages (for the preparation by hydrothermal synthesis of Bi-based multiferroics); 2 training school ((1) COST MP0904 Training School “Nanostructured oxides: from laboratory research to industrial applications”, IENI-CNR Genoa (IT), 12-13 Mar. 2012; (2) COST MP0904 Training School‚ “Characterization of materials“ JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Jan. 28-29, 2013.); Lot Oriel & Hamamatsu international award;

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