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Alexandru Dan Corlan


Graduated from the `Carol Davila' University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, 1991.Research scholarships in Nancy (1992, Clinical and epidemiological research) and Milan (1997-1998, ECG body surface maps).Research fellowship from the European Society of Cardiology, at the University of Glasgow (1999-2000)`The Siemens-Elema Young Investigator Award' by the International Society of Electrocardiology in 2000.PhD thesis defended in 2002.Visiting scholar, Stanford University, 2009

University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest, Bucuresti, .

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Nascut(a) in: 1966

Interese: electrocardiologie, modelarea stohastica a proceselor fiziopatologice si a riscului de evenimente clinice

flag Detalii:
Am absolvit UMF `Carol Davila' Bucuresti in 1991.
Stagii de cercetare la Nancy (1992, cercetare clinica si epidemiologica), Milano (1997-1998 harti ecg computerizate de suprafata) si Glasgow (1999, modelarea computerizata a reglarii neurovegetative a ritmului cardiac, `research fellowship' acordar prin concurs de catre Societatea Europeana de Cardiologie).
Am primit premiul `Siemens-Elema Young Investigator Award' pe anul 2000, acordat de Societatea Internationala de Electrocardiologie.
Doctor in medicina din 2002.
'Visiting scholar', Universitatea Stanford, 2009

Publicații selectate:

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