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premii Ad Astra

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Mihai Daian

Mihai Daian

Mihai Daian is a senior business management consultant and an industry development professional with expertise in value added wood products and a strong professional interest in industry innovation and development.

He has worked in commercial and industry-based projects with focus on process improvement and innovation as well as market analysis and development and assets valuations. He has proven record of success in providing process and technical solutions, establishing effective relationships between industry members, academics and government institutions.

Mihai’s knowledge is in advanced timber processing, sustainability of timber supply chain, wood utilisation in non-traditional products and the dynamics of Australian timber industry and its counterpart industry in Asian countries. His expertise extends to national and international operational research programs and handling funding applications, negotiations, tracking and reporting requirements. He developed and supported major project proposals and secured key project funding.

Mihai has advanced R&D skills, project management, strategic planning and information dissemination skills, He is a highly motivated team player, able to develop solutions at industry wide and company levels, aiming to deliver significant, long term efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Mihai has worked in various engineering, research and consulting roles. He was Research Engineer at Swinburne University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow for Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) at The University of Melbourne, research consultant / business management consultant at Fitzpatrick Woods Consulting, ScienceTech Consulting, Pöyry Management Consulting, Lead Consultant – Wood Products at Margules Groome Consulting and more recently forest scientist and project lead at ABARES.

Mihai is a 2013 Gottstein Trust Fellow, investigating “Non-traditional cellulose products - Opportunities for innovation, diversification and development for the Australian forestry and wood manufacturing industry”.

He also has a PhD in Wood Innovations - Processing of Wood (2006) from Australia, a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and Management Sciences (2004) and a BSc in Forestry/Wood Processing from the European Union.

The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, .

E-mail: trimite un mesaj.

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Nascut(a) in: 1972

Interese: Inovatie, produse din lemn, forestier, tehnologie, microunde, tratarea lemnuui, mobila

flag Detalii:
Forestry products markets analysis & marketing
R & D
Stakeholder engagement & management
Advanced project and program development & management
Business development (within the forestry industry)
IFA/AFG - Registered Forestry Professional - Wood technology & properties

flag Details:
2019, Tanzania, EWP Feasibility Study – Timber and Plywood Sectors
Advancement and Diversification
• 2018, Malaysia, Forest Industry Master Plan Development
• 2017, AU, Forest Innovation Fund Business Case
• 2016, AU, Feasibility of a New Greenfield Engineered Wood Product Facility • 2016, Malaysia, Malaysia’s State-Level Biomass Strategy
• 2015, Malaysia, Operational Excellence Project – Plywood Manufacturing
• 2015, AU, Attractiveness of Green Triangle Investment Concepts
• 2015, AU leading sawmilling company – CLT & Glulam Value Chain in
• 2015, AU leading sawmilling company – AU Timber Markets Development
• 2015, AU leading sawmilling company – Strategic Cost Benchmarking
• 2014, AU, Wood Products Target Market Attractiveness
• 2007-2011, Lao PDR, Value-Adding to Lao PDR Plantation Timber Products – Manufacturing / Processing Improvement

• Development of New Microwave Equipment and its Suitability for Wood Modification

• .Value adding to Lao PDR plantation timber products

Publicații selectate:

* Mihai Daian, Georgiana Daian, Dr. Alex Taube, “Computer Modelling and Simulation Techniques of Microwave Energy Distribution Inside the Wood”, 10th International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating, Modena - Faculty of Engineering, Italy-Forthcoming conference, 2005.

* Georgiana Daian,Dr. Alex Taube, Mihai Daian, “Measuring The Dielectric Properties Of Wood At Microwave Frequencies, Springer, Wood Science and Technology Journal, 2005.

* Georgiana Daian,Dr. Alex Taube, Mihai Daian, “Measuring The Dielectric Properties Of Australian Wood Species”, AIChE Annual meeting Austin Conference Center, Austin, Texas. Conference proceedings, 2004.

* Georgiana Daian,Dr. Alex Taube, Mihai Daian, “Numerical Modelling Technique To Predict The Dielectric Properties Of Wood”, AIChE Annual meeting Austin Conference Center, Austin, Texas. Conference proceedings, 2004.

* Mihai Daian, Georgiana Daian, Dr. Alex Taube, “Reducing The Energy Reflection From Applicator For Microwave Wood Treatments”, ”, AIChE Annual meeting Austin Conference Center, Austin, Texas., Conference proceedings, 2004.