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Angiogenesis in the reparatory mucosa of the mandibular edentulous ridge is driven by endothelial tip cells.

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Autori: Stănescu R, Didilescu AC, Jianu AM, Rusu MC.

Editorial: Rom J Morphol Embryol., 53(2), p.375-8, 2012.


Sprouting angiogenesis is led by specialized cell – the endothelial tip cells
(ETCs) which can be targeted by pro- or anti-angiogenic therapies. We aimed to
perform a qualitative study in order to assess the guidance by tip cells of the
endothelial sprouts in the repairing mucosa of the edentulous mandibular crest.
Mucosa of the mandibular edentulous ridge was collected from six adult patients,
prior to healing abutment placement (second surgery). Slides were prepared and
immunostained with antibodies for CD34 and Ki67. The abundant vasculature of the
lamina propria was observed on slides and the CD34 antibodies labeled endothelial
tip cells in various stages of the endothelial sprouts. Ki67 identified positive
endothelial cells, confirming the proliferative status of the microvascular bed.
According to the results, the in situ sprouting angiogenesis is driven by tip
cells in the oral mucosa of the edentulous ridge and these cells can be targeted
by various therapies, as required by the local pathologic or therapeutic

Cuvinte cheie: oral mucosa, endothelial tip cells, CD34, immunohistochemistry