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MARGINS Post-doctoral Fellowship Program

The MARGINS Program seeks to understand the complex interplay of processes that govern continental margin evolution. The National Science Foundation (NSF) aims to ensure the vitality of the human resource base of science, mathematics, and engineering and to reinforce its diversity by dedicating funds to postdoctoral training. A postdoctoral appointment is a unique opportunity for a first-rate early-career scientist to solidify research skills, build a track record, establish peer relationships, and acquire professional self-confidence. Accordingly, the NSF-MARGINS program provides support for postdoctoral researchers to conduct multi-disciplinary research with MARGINS research groups or individuals based at United States institutions by applying their expertise to problems related to the MARGINS initiatives. However, our intent is to encourage individuals to diversify their expertise relative to that used in their thesis research. The Fellowships are designed so that recipients can choose the research environment most beneficial for their scientific development and that of the MARGINS program. Selection of candidates and research projects will be made by NSF Program Managers after an appropriate review process. Applicants should establish a relationship with a proposed advisor well in advance of proposal submission. Advisors must be committed to the success of the program and should submit a statement of support with the proposal. The applicant’s proposal will need to be submitted through the advisor as an NSF Fastlane submission.
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