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The 2nd Balkan conference on glass science & technology, 24 – 28 september 2002, Varna, Bulgaria

The First Balkan Conference on Glass Science and Technology was held at the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece in October 2000. More than 100 papers were presented there, concerning the most important problems of present day science and technology.
The Second Balkan Conference in Varna, Bulgaria (2002) will provide the possibility of discussing the latest developments in this field.
The Second Balkan Conference on Glass Science and Technology will be held together with the 14th Conference on Glass and Ceramics, which is a traditional scientific meeting at the International House of Scientist “F. Joliot – Curie”, Varna.

The Second Balkan Conference on Glass Science and Technology and the 14th Conference on Glass and Ceramics will provide interchange of information on Science and Technology in the field of Glass and Ceramics.
The main topics included in the Conferences Programme will be:
 Structure, physical and chemical properties;
 New glasses, glass-ceramics, ceramics and composite materials;
 Sol-gel processes;
 Biomaterials: glasses, glass-ceramics, ceramics and composites;
 Raw materials, technological and ecological problems;
 New equipment and save energy problems in glass and ceramic industry;
 New application of glasses and ceramics: agriglasses, ecoglasses and ecoceramics ;
 Historical glasses and ceramics.