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Domain structures in epitaxial (10-10) Co wires

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Autori: I. L. Prejbeanu, L. D. Buda, M. Viret, U. Ebels and K. Ounadjela

Editorial: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 37/4, p.2108, 2001.


A systematic investigation of the magnetic domain structure is
presented for epitaxial sub-micron (10-10) Co wires characterized by a strong in-plane uniaxial magneto-crystalline
anisotropy whose easy axis is oriented perpendicular to the long
wire axis. Wires of varying width (100 to 1000 nm) and thickness
(30 to 80 nm) were patterned by electron beam lithography and
lift-off process. We establish experimentally the boundaries
between the ground state transverse single domain state and the
open stripe structure as a function of wire thickness and width.
Moreover, the stability of the transverse single domain state is
investigated as a function of the magnetization history.

Cuvinte cheie: magnetic force microscopy, micromagnetics, stripe domains