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Aplicatii ale sistemelor expert in transmisiuni

Domenii publicaţii > Ştiinţe informatice + Tipuri publicaţii > Tezã de doctorat (nepublicatã)

Autori: Saftescu Gabriel

Editorial: 2001.


Teza de doctorat abordeaza problemele teoretice referitoare la sistemele expert, afisarea si prelucrarea hartilor numerice, configurarea reteleor de comunicatie militare. Autorul proiecteaza si realizeaza o aplicatie informatica in Visual C++, folosind MapObjects pentru afisarea si prelucrarea hartilor, CLIPS-ul pentru partea de sistem expert si mediul C++ pentru algoritmi, etc. After application is run, in client area, the shape of the Romanian counties is drawn. The user localizes the extent where he wants to place the radio relays, and then he frames it by click-dragging the mouse with the left mouse button down. Thus the designated area of the map will be zoom. Depending on the map scale, in main window more or less layers will be displayed, for instance town or city layer, wood layer, way layer, country road layer, railway layer, lake layer or level curve layer. All the time, the latitude and the longitude of current point are displayed in an edit control.
The user chooses the place where he wants to place the first Communication Center (C.C.) and down the left mouse button. The location area will be analysed and the C.C. will be deployed in the highest point that can be found, not further more than 3 Km from the initial point. The next C.C. will be deployed in the field following the same procedures. The next step is to check the direct visibility between all the neighbouring C.C. The expert system will configure the final network’s structure using the base’s knowledges that is made by the human experts. All the time will be the dialog between user and software application.

Cuvinte cheie: sisteme expert, MapObject, hati, comunicatii, Visual C++, CLIPS // expert systems, MapObjects, maps, communications, Visual C++