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PhD studentship in neural computing, U. of Stirling, UK

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>A 3-year EPSRC-funded PhD studentship is available in the
>Neural Computing group, Department of Computing Science and
>Mathematics, University of Stirling, Scotland
>( Applications are required by
>May 1st, 2002. Start date is September 1st, 2002.
>Title: Compartmental modelling of developing neurons
>Supervisor: Dr Bruce Graham (
>Project summary:
>A major tool in the study of biological nervous systems is
>computer simulation of neuronal function using the
>compartmental modelling framework. Neurons and the networks
>they form are the outcome of a developmental process. The aim
>of this project is to extend the compartmental modelling
>framework to enable the modelling of developing neurons that
>are undergoing changes in shape and membrane characteristics
>over time. Novel numerical techniques are required to handle
>the accurate simulation of dynamic intracellular and
>extracellular environments. Simulations must handle multiple
>time scales, ranging from the submillisecond for electrical
>activity to hours for morphological change. The techniques
>will be incorporated into user-friendly simulation software.
>The resultant computational tools will allow the investigation
>of many aspects of nervous system development. They will be
>applied here in a study of the growth of a neuron’s dendritic
>tree. The dendritic tree is the major site of input to the
>neuron and its morphology plays a determining role in the
>signal integration and processing capabilities of the neuron.
>The aim is to produce models that elucidate the biophysical
>mechanisms underlying the formation of the characteristic tree
>morphologies of different neuronal types. Further details of
>the research can be found on the project’s web page
>The student will work under the supervision of Dr Bruce Graham
>(, with additional supervision
>from Dr Arjen van Ooyen ( at
>the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research in Amsterdam.
>Travel money is available for yearly visits to Amsterdam.
>The project ideally suits candidates with strong numerical and
>computing skills, with an interest in modelling biological
>systems, or alternatively with a biological background with
>significant, demonstrated numerical and computing skills.
>Closing date for applications is 1st May, 2002.
>Starting date is 1st September, 2002 (or as soon as possible
>For further information, in the first instance please contact
>Dr Bruce Graham (
>For application details, please contact:-
> Mrs Heather Brennan
> Department of Computing Science and Mathematics
> University of Stirling
> Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland, UK
> Tel: 01786 467460 Fax: 01786 464551
> Email:
>Applications should clearly indicate that you are applying for this
>studentship. The required summary of your proposed research project
>should emphasise your reasons for applying for this particular project
>and the skills and methodology that you will employ.
>Dr Bruce Graham, Lecturer (
>Dept. of Computing Science and Mathematics,
>University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA
>phone: +44 1786 467 432 fax: +44 1786 464 551

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