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Postdoctoral positions in systems and cognitive neuroscience, Germany

Postdoctoral positions in systems and cognitive neuroscience are available to study information processing in the visual cortex of man and monkey in the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the German Primate Research Center, headed by Stefan Treue.
Research in the laboratory focuses on the neural basis of visual attention and of visual motion perception. We use a combination of extracellular recordings from primate visual cortex, human visual psychophysics, functional imaging, and computational neural modeling.
The ideal applicant would have experience in C-programming and either in electrophysiological recordings from awake animals, visual psychophysics, or neuronal modeling. More information is available on our homepage ( ).
Please send CV, the names of two or three referees, and representative publications to the address listed below. Email application and inquiry are encouraged.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Treue
Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
German Primate Center
Kellnerweg 4, 37077 Goettingen, Germany
tel: (49)-551-3851-117
fax: (49)-551-3851-183