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Active Torsional Vibration Control for Large Two Stroke Marine Diesel Engines

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Autori: V.A. Soloiu, J. Jenzer

Editorial: SAE paper 981041, 7 pages, Society of Automotive Engineers Congress, Detroit USA, 1998.


The need of fast ships with more powerful and efficient engines at lower speeds, coupled directly to the propeller, gave an impulse for more developing of long stroke high m.i.p. low speed two stroke Diesel engines. An important direction of research is the shafting and structures vibration. As the engine torque increased continually due to higher bore, stroke and m.i.p., the excitation and the supplementary stresses due to vibrations showed the same trend.
This study would like to investigate the possibility of reducing one harmonic component of the excitation, that one responsible for resonance within the barred speed range, while keeping m.i.p. at the required value for a normal operation of the engine on the propeller law.

Cuvinte cheie: Control of Torsional Vibrations, Two stroke engines