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An Instructional Laboratory for the Revival of Electric Machines and Drives Courses

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Autori: Panaitescu, R.C., Mohan, N., Robbins, W., Undeland, T.

Editorial: PESC'02 Power Electronics Specialists Conference, Cairns, Australia, 2002.


This paper describes the developments at the University of Minnesota of new approach in teaching of Electric drives, focusing on the associate state-of-the-art laboratory. The mission of these developments is to nationally revitalize courses in industrially and strategically vital fields of electric drives (and power electronics [7]). This is accomplished by making these courses appealing to students (undergraduate enrollments have significantly increased subsequent to adopting these approaches) where they receive a first-rate education in just one undergraduate course in a way that ensures a seamless continuity to advanced courses. The laboratory is based on a dSPACE development board and several custom designed power converter boards and electric motors, working on a 42V dc-bus voltage system.

Cuvinte cheie: Education, Electric Drives, Power Electronics, Digital Control