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Workshop 28-29 May 2002, Cluj-Napoca

The aim of the meeting is to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions about the applicability of FT-IR, FT-Raman & micro-Raman techniques in different research topics of analytical science, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, environment.
The main goal is the presentation of the ability, flexibility and advantages of performing applied research and interdisciplinary applications with the new acquired BRUKER apparatus
FT-IR EQUINOX 55 SPECTROMETER with the integrated FT-RAMAN MODULE FRA 106/S and the fiber optic coupled RAMANSCOPE II 560.
A Bruker exhibition of scientific publications, posters, accessories of the FT vibrational techniques, software, spectral library, etc. would be displayed.
ROUND TABLE on Wednesday, 29-th, time: 16.00 h. All participants are expected for a coffee-tea break and free discussions concerning the new launched Ad Astra project, dedicated to the Romanian scientific community.

Workshop Office:Optics and Spectroscopy Department,Atomic, Nuclear and Environmental Physics Dept., Faculty of Physics Kogalniceanu 1, RO-3400 Cluj-Napoca
Tel +40-64-405300, extension 5188
Fax +40-64-191906