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CERGE-EI research competition, social sciences

CERGE-EI, with financial support provided by the World Bank through the Global Development Network and additional funding provided by the Government of Austria for the South-East European region, announces a research competition in all fields of the social sciences. Proposals are invited from economists, demographers, political scientists, sociologists, and other social scientists.
Projects in these areas will receive priority:
I. Enterprise Development and Behavior
II. Labor Markets
III. EU Accession including Euro Adoption
IV. Globalization including Regional and International Economic Policy Coordination
V. The Reform Process
VI. Education including Educational Policy, Reform, Funding and Outcomes
Maximum funding will be US $20,000 and grants must begin no later than 31 December 2002 and end no later than 31December 2003. Applicants must be residents of any of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, or Yugoslav Federation.

More information:
GDN 2002 Research Competition, CERGE-EI,
Politickych veznu 7, 111 21 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Application Deadline: July 15 2002