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Ford Foundation grants, sustainable use of biological systems

IUCN/Ford Foundation announce
Small Grants Programme
Application Deadline: June 30, 2002

Through a grant from the Ford Foundation, the IUCN Sustainable Use Team is offering small grants to promote scholarly contributions from individuals from developing countries in the field of sustainable use of biological systems. The aim is to promote the authority of science from developing countries and foster opportunities for scholarly exchange. In 2002, priority will be given to proposals that address the complex connections between people and nature, exploring the concept of sustainability. Applications related to activities that employ innovative inter- or multidisciplinary approaches are the most likely to be funded. Support will be provided in only one category this year: Participation at scholarly/technical meetings. This will generally include travel and per diem costs, but may also cover costs associated with preparing a presentation (e.g., production of audio-visual materials), and meeting registration costs. Grants will be for a maximum of $2000. In general, the programme is intended to support the communication of research findings, project results, and lessons learned from developing countries.

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