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Grants for Open Access Journals

The Information Program of the Open Society Institute (OSI) is pleased to announce a pilot project inspired by the principles of the Budapest Open Access Initiative ( To support open access to international research and scholarship, OSI will provide $100,000 in funding to support the publication in open access peer-reviewed online journals of articles by authors residing and working in countries where the Soros foundations network is active (please see the attached list of 67 countries).

Guidelines for funding:

Journals that have adopted an open access up-front payment business model will be eligible for funding (please see for more information about open access funding models). Open access is defined as free and unrestricted online availability of current content. Funding will be provided directly to the journal to subsidize the up-front fees.
Funding will cover the fees for processing of articles that are accepted for publication in 2002. A maximum of two articles per author per year will be eligible for 100% funding of the processing fee, while an additional two articles will be eligible for funding at 50% of the processing fee, with the additional 50% coming from the institution supporting the research, the author’s affiliated institution, a government agency, etc.
As this program is targeting international scholarship, journals published in the following languages will be supported: English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
Funding will only apply to peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly online journals; other forms of online material, such as databases, newspapers etc. will not be eligible for funding under this
pilot project.
The authors must be residing and working at institutions in one of the 67 countries in which the Soros foundations network is active. If an article has multiple authors, the majority of authors must meet this condition.
Scholarly journals from all academic disciplines are eligible for funding.
Publishers of journals interested in applying for a grant should submit
the following information to Melissa Hagemann (

URL of journal
brief description of the journal’s open access business model
contact name at journal
list of articles with names of authors and their affiliated institution
amount of funding being requested
Selection process:

decisions on funding will be made according to the following schedule:
Applications due June 14, 2002; Awards announced June 28, 2002
Applications due September 9, 2002; Awards announced September 23, 2002