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Postdoc in cognitive science, Marseille

> From: Patrick Lemaire
> Do you want to spend one year in Provence as a post-doc paid by the French
> government ?
> Applications are invited for a one-year post-doctoral position at the
> University of Provence (Marseille) & CNRS. My research looks at cognitive
> aging and development. I focus on high-level cognitive tasks (e.g.,
> numerical cognition) and use a variety of techniques, from standard
> behavioral approaches (e.g., verbal protocols, video-tape recordings,
> eye-movements, and performance measures like reaction times and percent
> errors) to more recent brain-imaging techniques (e.g., ERP and fMRI). I
> conduct computational modelling of strategic aspects of cognitive
> performance and age-related differences in these aspects.
> During this one year post-doc, several projects may be carried out,
> including projects prolonging works previously carried out by candidates.
> Two examples of the type of works that may be carried out are: (a)
> studies of age-related differences in strategic aspects of numerical
> processing tasks. These aspects will be investigated in children and
> of varying age, using eye-movement recordings and/or brain-imagining
> techniques. (b) computational modelling of strategic aspects of numerical
> processing tasks and strategic effects in these tasks.
> Necessary qualifications include a PhD in Psychology, Neuroscience, or
> Computer Sciences, and experience with Behavioral studies. Appreciated is
> also experience with either eye-movements or fMRI/ERP (or both) studies
> empirical projects) or computational modelling (for theoretical projects).
> People from the following countries are elligible: United States, Canada,
> Australia, Japan, Korea, Hungary, Mexico, New Zeland, Norway, Poland,
> Turkey, South Africa, Argentina, Brasil, China, India, Roumania, Russia.
> Start date is flexible, between October and December 2002. Salary is 1830
> Euros net/month.
> Please contact me directly via email or send CV, list of publications,
> summary of research experience, and the names of at least two references
> Prof. Patrick Lemaire
> University of Provence & CNRS
> LPC – Case 66
> 3 Place Victor Hugo
> 13331 Marseille
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