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Effective Buckley-Leverett Equations by Homogenization

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Autori: C.J. van Duijn, A. Mikelic, I.S. Pop

Editorial: M. Anile, V. Capasso, A. Greco, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg, Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2000, p.42-53, 2002.


In this paper we consider water-drive to recover oil from a strongly heterogeneous porous column. The two-phase model uses Corey relative permeabilities and Brooks-Corey capillary pressure. The heterogeneities are perpendicular to flow and have a periodic structure. This results in one-dimensional flow and a space periodic absolute permeability, reflecting alternating coarse and fine layers. Assuming many – or thin – layers, we use homogenization techniques to derive the effective transport equations. The form of these equations depend critically on the capillary number. The analysis is confirmed by numerical experiments.

Cuvinte cheie: homogenization, porous media flow, Buckley-Leverett equation