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Variability of ECG autocorrelation maps with electrode placement

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Autori: A.D. Corlan, R. Corlan, L. De Ambroggi

Editorial: International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, 4, p.347-348, 2002.


Theoretically, under certain assumptions, correlation coefficients

between ECG potentials at different instants on the same electrodes

would not depend on the electrode system. We simulated ventricles

surrounded by various 192-lead spherical electrode systems in a

homogenous unbounded volume conductor. Autocorrelation maps of the

simulated ECG on each lead system were obtained with the same

activation and repolarization. Differences between the autocorrelation

maps were compared using the correlation coefficient, which was

>0.937 if only rotation and shifting of the electrodes were

involved and reached 0.895 for a system with electrodes at a few

millimeters from the epicardium. In conclusion, autocorrelation maps,

and thus indices computed from them such as the similarity index, can

be considered to reflect only features of the ECG sources in the

myocardium if recorded on electrodes systems which are not too close

to the epicardium.

Cuvinte cheie: problema directa a ECG, modelare computerizata // forward problem of electrocardiology, computer modelling