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Simulation Of Frictional Conditions During Long Product Hot Rolling

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Autori: Fedorciuc Onisa, C., Farrugia, D.

Editorial: The 6th ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, 2003.


Finite Element (FE) techniques have been increasingly used to model shape and microstructural evolution, engineering constraints (rolling load, torque, etc.) during hot rolling of both long and flat products in both off-line and more recently production environment. These models have often assumed a fixed isotropic coefficient of friction (COF) along the contact length with an average friction value of 0.3 as a Coulomb friction coefficient, according to the literature and flat rolling theory. The paper describes the development and implementation of a macroscopic analytical friction model coded within a user subroutine, Vfric, using the Abaqus/Explicit commercial FE software. In this model, the COF is no longer used as a constant, “universal”, value, but it is calculated through the time incrementation based on the of product and process parameters like variables. The development of this model is part of an ongoing study to determine regime maps of processing conditions where hot lubrication may influence friction etc.

Cuvinte cheie: Coeficient de frecare, laminare la cald, modelare matematica // Friction, model, hot rolling