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Fourth Annual Global Development Awards – $400,000

Submissions are now being accepted for the Fourth Annual Awards Competition, which carries prizes in cash and travel of over $400,000! Submissions can be for an ongoing development project, completed research, or a new research proposal. The Governing Body of the Global Development Network (GDN) has chosen Understanding Reform as the theme for the Fifth Annual Global Development Conference to be held in New Delhi in January 2004.The five topics proposed for the research awards are consistent with this theme. Under each topic, GDN welcomes submissions from all branches of the social sciences. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary submissions are particularly encouraged. The three finalists in the large award categories and the five finalists in each of the five medal categories will present their papers at the Annual Conference. Funding for the Awards and Medals is generously provided by the Government of Japan, Merck Corporation, Government of Italy, World Bank, and the Government of India. The five topics, described in detail below:

1. Pro-market Reform and the Poor
2. Agriculture Reform and Rural Development in the Lowest Income Countries
3. Reforms, Interest Groups and Civil Society
4. Market Reforms and the New Role of the State
5. Reform, the External Environment, and the Role of International and Regional Institutions