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Call for courses, 2003-2004, Scoala Normala Superioara Bucuresti

Call for courses 2003-2004

Scoala Normala Superioara Bucuresti
Departments of Mathematics and Computer Sciences

The Mathematics and Computer Sciences Departments of the SNSB invites professors and researchers from Romania and abroad to offer courses for the academic year 2003–2004. The courses must be either one semester long, four hours weekly, or accelerate 40 hours courses over 2-4 weeks. The level of the courses must be of the third or fourth university years. SNSB and the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy cover accommodation and the local or international travel expenses and offer a supplementary retribution for each course. Please send your offers via e-mail at until September 12, 2003. The offer must contain the title and a short description of the course (in English) and the list of your best 5 scientific papers (not necessary related with the subject of the course). The SNSB Scientific Committee will elect the courses on September 19, 2003.

What is SNSB?
Scoala Normala Superioara Bucuresti is an initiative of the Romanian scientific community to create a world-class institution for education and research. The SNSB courses started in 2001. Visit the web page for a full description of the project.

SNSB Scientific Committee

Lucian BADESCU (Univ. Bucuresti) Vaugham JONES (Berkeley Univ.)
Viorel BARBU (Acad. Romana) Sergiu KLAINERMAN (Princeton Univ.)
Jean Pierre BOURGUIGNON (IHES Paris) George LUSZTIG (M.I.T.)
Haim BREZIS (Univ. Paris VI) Andrei MOROIANU (Polytechnique Paris)
Dan BURGHELEA (Ohio State Univ.) Victor NISTOR (Penn State Univ.)
Doina CIORANESCU (Univ. Paris VI) Stefan PAPADIMA (IMAR)
Mihnea COLTOIU (IMAR) Gerhard PFISTER (Kaiserslautern Univ.)
Ion CUCULESCU (Univ. Bucuresti) Valentin POENARU (Univ. Paris XI)
Florin DIACU (Victoria Univ., Canada) Dorin POPESCU (Univ. Bucuresti)
Alexandru DIMCA (Univ. Bordeaux) Tudor RATIU (Polytechnique Lausanne)
George DINCA (Univ. Bucuresti) Cristophe SOULE (IHES Paris)
Paltin IONESCU (Univ. Bucuresti) Daniel TATARU (NorthWestern Univ.)
Marius IOSIFESCU (Acad. Romana) Dan TIMOTIN (IMAR)

Computer Sciences :
Irina ATHANASIU („Politehnica” Bucuresti) Kokichi FUTATSUGI (Japan Adv. Institute)
Michel BIDOIT (ENS Cachan) Gheorghe STEFANESCU (Univ. Bucuresti)
Virgil CAZANESCU (Univ. Bucuresti) Ioan TOMESCU (Univ. Bucuresti)
Razvan DIACONESCU (IMAR) Victor VIANU (California Univ. at San Diego)
Ioan FILOTTI (Nova Software Labs, Paris)

SNSB Director: Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Nenciu

e-mail:, web :
Scoala Normala Superioara Bucuresti, IMAR, Calea Grivitei nr. 21, Bucuresti sector 1, Romania
Tel: +(4021) 212.56.48, Fax: +(4021) 212.51.26.