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Eu-Doped _PtT ceramics. I Preparation and structural investigation

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Autori: E.D. Ion, S. Constantinescu, M. Bunescu, R.Ramer

Editorial: Taylor&Francis Journals, Ferroelectrics, 294, p.85-92, 2003.


Two series of PT-type materials doped with Eu+3 with the formula PbxEuyTi0.98Mn0.02O3 (x = 0.98, 1.00 and y = 0.00, 0.02, 0.04, 0.08, 0.12) were prepared by conventional ceramic technique. The compounds with compensated and uncompensated valences were sintered between 1150 and 1220°C. The two types of compounds and the content of the donor ion, Eu+3, influence the mechanical and dielectric properties of sintered samples. The spectra and data obtained on 151Eu Mössbauer measurements are discussed.

Cuvinte cheie: ceramice-PT, spectroscopie Mössbauer 151Eu, // 151Eu-Mössbauer spectroscopy, Eu - Doped - PT-ceramics

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