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Characteristics of TLD-100 fading and its influence on the calibration of personal dosemeters

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Autori: R. A. Vasilache, S. Tãnase - Nicola, Raluca Tiron

Editorial: Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 85, p.183-185, 1999.


The fading of the thermoluminescent phosphors used as dosemeters is of great importance when it comes to calibrating a dosimetric system. The present paper presents the results of a series of experiments performed in order to determine some fading characteristics of TLD-100 (Harshaw Chemical Co.).
The experiment was performed using two batches of dosemeters that were irradiated with X rays simultaneously and with the same dose. One of the two batches was used to determine the thermal fading at room temperature, and the other one to determine the combined optical and thermal fading. The results indicated that, after the low temperature peaks had faded out, the response of the dosemeters exposed to light became quite stable, with a very low fading. The signal of the dosemeters kept away from light continued to fade down to a lower level than the signal of the dosemeters exposed to light.
The results of other experiments involving UV irradiation after the irradiation with X rays, and their implications for the calibration of personal dosemeters are also presented.

Cuvinte cheie: thermoluminescence, dosimetry, fading