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Rezultatele lui Liviu Giosan, membru al asociatiei Ad Astra, sunt mentionate in Nature

The work of Liviu Giosan, the co-founder of the Ad Astra project and a member of the Ad Astra association, is mentioned in Nature (vol. 430, 12 August 2004, pp. 718-719). Siddall, Giosan and their collaborators have modelled a flood that possibly surged onto the Black Sea about 10,000 years ago, through what is now the Bosporus Strait. This flood has possibly inspired the biblical story of Noah’s flood.

The Nature article:

Liviu Giosan’s profile:

The paper that describes this work:

M. Siddall, L. Pratt, K. Helfrich, L. Giosan. Testing the physical oceanographic implications of the suggested sudden Black Sea in-fill 8400 years ago. Paleoceanography, 19/1, 2004.