Inscriere cercetatori

Doctorat in Economie la European University Institute in Florenta

Mesaj de la Prof. M. Motta:

Dear Colleague,

we would like to take this opportunity to inform you, as a member of the
European Economic Association, about the PhD programme in Economics at
the European University Institute in Florence.

Under the programme students who are admitted are awarded full financial
support. During their enrolment they are guided through the programme by
close supervision from experienced professors of international
reputation who offer constant monitoring. Furthermore, our PhD also
offers excellent career prospects. A recent survey showed that 92
percent of our PhD candidates found jobs within a year of leaving the
Institute. We have placed our students not only in top academic
institutions but also in international organisations such as the World
Bank, IMF, European Commission, ECB, EIB and others.

We should be very grateful if you would bring the EUI Economics
programme to the attention of talented students at your institution who
might be interested in doing a PhD in Economics in a challenging and
international environment. Please find attached an electronic poster
advertising our doctoral programme. Further relevant information about
our programme and how to apply can be found on our Webpage:

Best wishes,

Prof. Massimo Motta

Head of the Economics Department

PS: From September 2004, the Economics Department has become a full
partner of the European Doctoral Programme in Quantitative Economics
(EDP). Further information about the EDP is available from

EUI PhD in Economics:

(Deadline for applications 15 January 2005)
How to apply?

Print the EUI Economics Poster . . .