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Participation of Romanian scientists in NSF sponsored projects

For US-Romanian cooperative research projects, the U.S. researcher must
apply directly to NSF via the U.S. partner’s university. The proposal
should be directed to the appropriate NSF discipline program, depending upon
the field of interest: . U.S. principal investigators
may request new three-year project support or an international supplement to
an active NSF grant. The NSF discipline program announcement and deadlines
apply. One may refer interested U.S. partners to the NSF International
Office’s Dear Colleague Letter NSF 04-034:

There are some additional opportunities available via the NSF International
Office: These include workshops or planning
visits. Please encourage the U.S. principal investigators to call me if
there are questions. I also hope that both the U.S. and Romanian partners
will involve junior researchers and/or students in their joint research
efforts. For NSF, sending junior researchers abroad for early career
experience is a priority in international cooperative research projects.

The forms and format for NSF proposals are standard and electronically
available through Fastlane: All proposals
are competitively reviewed.

Independently, Romanian researchers should seek support for Romanian-side
costs of their joint projects through existing channels available at the
appropriate Ministry or Romanian grant agencies.

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