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"European Forum for Early Career Researchers"

On 6-7 May 2005 the "European Forum for Early Career Researchers" will
take place in Otocec, Southern Slovenia. The event is jointly
organised by the Marie Curie Fellowship Association and the Slovenian
public foundation "Ad Futura".

The idea of the Forum is to bring together early career researchers
and more experienced colleagues from across Europe, from across
disciplines, and from a broad range of professional backgrounds. The
event will also be of particular interest to people involved in
science policy at national or European level.

The Forum will essentially consist of a number of workshops, covering
a broad range of topics. Half of these will be of a practical nature,
providing participants with training in transferable skills, the other
half will be more science policy oriented.

Participants will also have the opportunity to present posters for
sharing information about their research projects and other topics of
interest to early career researchers.

More information about the programme, registration procedure etc. can
be found on the website of the event at