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Premiile René Descartes 2005

René Descartes Prizes 2005
Identifier: [FP6-2004-Science-and-society-12] Publication date:
15 December 2004 Budget:
€ 1, 250 million
Closing Date(s): 10 May 2005 at 17.00 (Brussels local time)
OJ Reference: OJ C309 of 15.12.2004

Specific programme: [Structuring the European Research Area] Activity area(s): [Science and Society]

Restrictions to participation: Provided the conditions set out below are satisfied, any legal entity established in a third country not covered by Article 6(2) of the Rules for Participation (entities in countries having concluded an S&T agreement with the Community may participate by right) may participate in this call provided that such an involvement would be beneficial or essential to the proposed activity, and is over and above the specified minimum number of participants from Member State or associated countries.

Additional Information:

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Descartes Prizes brochures 2004. (PDF)
[Scientific Research] [Science Communication] The EU Descartes Prize: Celebrating 5 years of collaborative transnational research. (PDF)