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Roman Herzog Research Fellowships

The Roman Herzog Research Fellowships are targeted at excellent young
researchers from Central and South-East Europe (including the Baltic
states), who are planning to carry out research in Germany (between 6
and 12 month). 12 fellowships are awarded per year. The deadline for
the next selection is 31 July 2005.

Postdoctoral students of all disciplines can apply, who are not older
than 35 years and are able to demonstrate research work over several
years. The project should be of high quality and be submitted along
with a written confirmation of the German host institution. Successful
applicants receive a monthly allowance between 1600 EUR and 2100 EUR,
additional travel and family allowances and grants for medical
insurance. There are also stipends for German language courses. All
application forms can be downloaded from the website.

Further information:

Contact : Christina Tschorr email:

Contact at KoWi: Sebastian Stetter email:

Victoria Reichl email: