Inscriere cercetatori

Postdoctoral research opportunity in climate change adaptation

Dear colleagues,

We have an opportunity to host a young postdoctoral researcher, who is
competent to undertake policy-relevant research on adaptation to
climate change in the Asia-Pacific region focusing on one of the
following or related areas:

(a) Role of bottom-up approaches in facilitating adaptation to climate
change (b) Policies for facilitating adaptation in agriculture and
water resources sectors (c) Options for mainstreaming adaptation
concerns in official development assistance (d) Cost-benefit analysis
of adaptation options

Each candidate for the Fellowship must: (1) Be a citizen of a country
that has diplomatic relations with Japan (2) Hold a doctorate degree
when the Fellowship goes into effect, which must have been received
within six years prior to April 2, 2005 (3) Have arranged in advance a
research plan with his/her Japanese host

TERMS OF AWARD (FELLOWS ONLY): * The amounts of the Awards indicated
below are subject to change. (1) A round-trip air ticket (based on
JSPS regulations) (2) A monthly maintenance allowance of %392,000 (3)
A settling-in allowance of %200,000, An annual domestic research
travel allowance of 58,500 yen, Overseas travel accident and sickness
insurance coverage

Note: If the Fellow resides in Japan on the date his/her award letter
is issued, the above-mentioned air ticket to Japan and settling-in
allowance will not be provided. A „Grant-In-Aid for Scientific
Research” (Tokubetsu Kenkyuin Shorei-hi) or „Research Grant” (Shiken
Kenkyu-hi) of up to 1,500,000 yen per year (total of 3,000,000 yen for
two years) is available to cover cooperative research-related
expenses. Application for these grants is made by the host researcher
through his/her institution.

Interested candidates are advised to send a brief research plan (not
exceeding three pages) to as soon as possible but not
later than 20 April 2005. Research proposed must be relevant to
countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The selection of candidates is
subject to screening within the institute and the selection board of
the Japan Society for Promotion of Science.