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Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation – Doctoral Fellowship Program

The Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation awards fellowships to young Germans pursuing a Ph.D. thesis in foreign countries as well as to foreign Ph.D. students undertaking research in German institutions. The program is open to applicants from all
disciplines, subjects, and countries. The next deadline for applications is October 1, 2005.

The fellowship is designed for young German postgraduates who plan a research stay abroad in connection with their Ph.D. theses and vice
versa for foreign academics working towards a dissertation and planning a research stay in a German host institution. Applicants must have a clearly defined research project and an invitation for their research stay in a host institution. Applicants should not be older than 30 years and must have been awarded their academic degrees (Master’s degree or Diploma) within the last year. Candidates who have studied predominantly abroad cannot apply.

Fellowships are granted for a maximum period of 2 years depending on the necessity of the research stay. At present, fellowships are paid at the following rates: 970 Euro for foreign postgraduates in Germany;
1,025-1,300 Euro for German postgraduates in European countries, and 1,300 Euro for German postgraduates in the United States. The rates for other countries vary according to the costs of living in the
respective country. The fellowships serve predominantly as initial
financial support. The Foundation does not cover tuition fees, funds for materials and supporting staff, costs for stays in the home country or outside of the host institution or travel costs within the research project.

Financing of projects which have already been supported by other
sources for more than one year is not possible.

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