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Five doctoral candidate positions in the humanities and social sciences at the Baltic and East European Graduate School, Svdertvrn

The Baltic and East European Graduate School (Beegs) is located at the
Flemingsberg campus of Svdertvrns hvgskola (University College),
Stockholm, Sweden.

The focus of the research activities of Beegs is on the Baltic and
East European area.

BEEGS is part of the Center for Baltic and East European Studies,
which coordinates Baltic and East European research at the University
College, organizes conferences and seminars and invites guest

All doctoral students will have a four year full-time employed
doctoral position. Initial salary for each month is 17.800 Swedish
crowns. This amount increases with annual increments up to 19.800 per
month in the final year. Candidates can do paid teaching or
administrative work up to a maximum of 20% of fulltime. In such cases
the length of study can be extended to five years.

The employment will start February 1, 2006. The Graduate School is a
cooperative venture between Svdertvrns hvgskola and the University of
Stockholm and other Swedish universities. It is financed by the
Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies.

The University College lays special emphasis on studies concerning
such themes as Democracy and Welfare; Culture, Ethnicity and National
identity; Internationalization and the Organization of Society;
Society and Ecosystems, Educational science and Civic education. This
year we welcome applications in Archaeology, Ethnology, Philosophy,
Business Administration, History, Literature, Media and Communication
Studies, Economics, Sociology and Political Science.

How to apply Application forms can be downloaded from our web page or
requested from

The application must include three copies of:

1. A completed and signed application form.

2. A statement of your intended graduate research plan, 3-5 pages in

3. Certified transcripts in English or Swedish of previous
undergraduate and graduate studies, with grade-point averages.

4. Your Curriculum Vitae.

5. Your Master s thesis (C+D-essay in Sweden/equiv. of Honours thesis)
and other relevant scientific publications.

Applications which do not contain all information requested or which
are not submitted in three complete copies will be disregarded. Also,
applications received after closing date will be disregarded.

Please note that one complete copy of the application will be filed at
Svdertvrns hvgskola (University college) for two years, due to
instructions from the National Archive.

For further information contact: Co-ordinator Lena Arvidson, phone +46
8 608 42 91, or send an e-mail message to

Trade-union representatives:

Catarina Ludwig (SACO), tel: +46 8 608 47 59 Hannele Lilja (ST),
tel:+46 8 608 42 83 Gunnar Stenberg (SEKO), tel: +46 70 316 43 41

Please send your application to:

Registrator (dnr 25/42/2005) Svdertvrns hvgskola, SE-141 89 Huddinge,
SWEDEN. Your application must have reached Svdertvrns hvgskola
(University college) no later than May 30, 2005.