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Premii Ad Astra

premii Ad Astra

Asociația Ad Astra anunță lansarea proiectului Premiilor Ad Astra 2022 (link aici), care își propune identificarea și popularizarea modelelor de succes, a rezultatelor excepționale ale cercetătorilor români din țară și din afara ei. Regulamentul de participare se poate gasi aici, iar  pagina de inscriere se poate accesa aici.

Asociatia Ad Astra a cercetatorilor romani lanseaza BAZA DE DATE A CERCETATORILOR ROMANI DIN DIASPORA. Scopul acestei baze de date este aceea de a stimula colaborarea dintre cercetatorii romani de peste hotare dar si cu cercetatorii din Romania. Cercetatorii care doresc sa fie nominalizati in aceasta baza de date sunt rugati sa trimita un email la

EMBO long-term fellowships for post-docs

The "European
Molecular Biology Organisation" (EMBO) awards "Long-term Fellowships"
(LTF) for postdoctoral biologists. Closing date for applications is 15
August 2005. Focus of the fellowships is advanced training by doing
research. The applicants who can apply for prolonged visits (12 to 24
months), must hold a PhD (or equivalent) and will only be considered
with a maximum of four years postdoctoral experience (exceptions due
to maternity leave, military service are possible). The fellowships
are covering travel costs and provide a stipend for the fellow and his
family. The salary of EMBO Long-term Fellowships varies from country
to country. More information on salaries is available on EMBO’s

All applications must involve either a laboratory of origin or a
receiving institute from one of the "European Molecular Biology
Conference" (EMBC) member states. Three types of application models
are possible:

-the applicant and the receiving institute are both in or from the
EMBC-member states -applicants from a non-member state who wish to
work in a laboratory in a EMBC-member state -applications from
scientists from member states for support for a research project in a
non-member state.

You can find a list of the EMBC-member states under the link below.

Contact: Liselott Ahlgren phone: +49-6221-8891116 fax:

Further information:

Contact at KoWi:

Sebastian Stetter email:

Victoria Reichl email: