Inscriere cercetatori

Independent Junior Research Group Leader in the area of Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix Interactions in the Skin

The Collaborative
Research Center 589 „Molecular Basis of Structural and Functional
Barriers in the Skin” at the University of Cologne advertises a
position as Independent Junior Research Group Leader (BAT Ia).

We are searching for a highly qualified younger scientist with
research interests in the area of Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix
Interactions in the Skin.

The research projects may concern interactions involved in the skin’s
defense function, concentrating on host tissue (cells, receptors, ECM)
interplay with infectious agents (bacteria, viruses) and/or tumour

We expect a relevant postdoctoral research experience and the ability
to independently lead a research group.

The Independent Junior Research Group will be integrated into the
Coordinated Research Center and located in one of the participating
institutes where appropriate space and infrastructure will be

The Independent Research Group is planned for a duration of up to 5
years and will allow independent research within a cooperative
network. Funding includes the position of the group leader, scientific
and technical personnel as well as consumables and instrumentation.

Applications are invited from candidates who obtained their doctorate
within the last 6 years. The selection process will be by peer review
and include a scientific presentation by the candidates.

Applications should include a short statement of research plans, a
curriculum vitae and a list of publications. For further details
please refer to the DFG form 60.5 e (

Applications should be sent not later than June 17, 2005 to:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Krieg Dept. of Dermatology University of Cologne
Kerpener Str. 62 50931 Cologne Germany

Further information: REFERENCE:
Sonstige SOURCE: Department of Dermatology, University of Cologne