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Some Considerations on Frictional Losses Evaluation of a Water Flow in Microtubes

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Autori: Dorin Lelea

Editorial: S. Nishio, K. Suzuki, Elsevier Science, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 32, Issue 7, p.964-973, 2005.


In the present paper numerical modeling of a water flow through microtubes was made in order to analyze the behavior of the Poiseuille constant for the case of heating fluid flow inside the microtube. The microtube from the experimental research presented in [5] was used as a model. The length to diameter ratio of the tube was very large (L/Di = 1200), and a tube diameter was Di = 0.5 mm. Only a portion of the tube was heated with a Joule heating and the heating length was Lh = 250 mm. The working fluid was distilled water and a laminar regime is considered Re < 800. The input power was 2 W.

Cuvinte cheie: microchannel heat transfer, Fluid flow, Poiseuille constant