Inscriere cercetatori

Research Group Leader in the Field of „Inherent and Adaptive Differentiation Processes”

The collaborative research centre
(Sonderforschungsbereich 590) „Inherent and adaptive differentiation
processes” invites applications for the position of the leader of an
independent Research Group (BAT Ia).

The candidate should hold a PhD, passed no longer than six years ago,
and should have an excellent scientific record. The SFB provides a
collaborative research environment with a focus on the analysis of
cell differentiation in organisms from yeast to plants and mammals.
The successful candidate is expected to perform independent research
in this area. A strong commitment to interdisciplinary research,
active collaboration and significant contributions to the research
goals of the SFB are expected.

The position includes an attractive package with full salary for the
group leader for the maximum of five years, scientific and technical
personnel, equipment as well as consumables on the basis of an
approved research plan.

Applications including CV, list of publications, copies (PDF files) of
the most important publications and a research plan (max. 5 pages) are
to be submitted until June 30, 2005 – preferentially via email to:

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Knust Institut f|r Genetik
Heinrich-Heine-Universitdt D|sseldorf Universitdtsstr. 1 D-40225
D|sseldorf Email: knust (at) Phone:

For further details on conditions, background and application criteria
of the DFG programme see:
REFERENCE: Sonstige SOURCE: Heinrich-Heine-University D|sseldorf