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Vacancy Announcement Institute for Environmental Studies, VrijeUniversiteit Amsterdam

1 Postdoctoral/senior researcher, „International (Environmental)
Relations/ Global Governance” (for 3 years) 2 PhD candidates
„International (Environmental) Relations/Global Governance” (for 4

Deadline for applications is 31 July 2005.

PROJECT OUTLINE The Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) of the
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam invites applications for three new
positions for an interdisciplinary research programme that will
investigate the emergence, effectiveness and legitimacy of
transnational public-private and private- private governance
arrangements in global sustainability policy. The empirical focus of
the programme will be on the several hundred new Partnerships for
Sustainable Development agreed upon in 2002 at the World Summit on
Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. Methodologically, the
programme will combine qualitative and quantitative research,
including analysis of a Global Sustainability Partnerships Database
and a series of structured case studies. The programme will run from
2006 through 2009. It is funded by, and part of, the Shifts in
Governance programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific
Research. The postdoctoral/senior researcher within the programme is
expected to also contribu! te, with about 50 percent of her/his time,
to a work package on post-2012 climate policy within a major new
integrated project of the European Union (see details below).

All three positions will be hired in international competitions. We
plan to launch the programme, with all positions filled, by 1 January
2006 (earlier start is possible).

1 POSTDOCTORAL/SENIOR RESEARCHER, „International (Environmental)
Relations/ Global Governance”, full time, 3 years

The postdoctoral/senior researcher will take a leading role in two
major research projects: the research programme ‘Analysing the
Emergence, Effectiveness and Legitimacy of Public-Private and
Private-Private Governance Arrangements in Global Sustainability
Policy’, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific
Research; and ‘ADaptation And Mitigation Strategies: Supporting
European Climate Policy’ (ADAM), an integrated project of more than 20
partner institutions funded by the European Union.

The postdoctoral/senior researcher will spend about half of her/his
research time on the first project. Her/His tasks include: (1)
elaborating the overall theoretical and methodological outline of the
programme in co-operation with the principal investigator; (2)
developing in co-operation with a student assistant and two PhD
students a Global Sustainability Partnerships Database; (3) guiding
the operationalisation of the research design in a joint research
protocol and case selection in co-operation with two PhD students; (4)
overall guidance of the research programme in co-operation with the
principal investigator.

The successful candidate will spend the second half of her/his time on
the ADAM programme, where s/he will contribute to a work package that
develops and assesses options for the post-2012 architecture of the
international climate regime.

In addition, the postdoctoral/senior researcher is encouraged to
contribute to the development of future research programmes and
project proposals in her/his field. Teaching in the field of
international environmental politics within IVM’s master programme is
possible, but not required.

The successful candidate will have a strong research background in
political science and international relations, as evidenced through a
doctoral degree and international peer-reviewed publications.
Experience in guiding research teams and in acquiring project funds
will be an asset, as well as empirical knowledge and research or work
experience in global (environmental) governance. Excellent skills in
English, the working language within this research programme and
within the department, are required.

The salary, depending on qualification and experience, will be within
a range of 2,934 to 4,027 Euro gross per month.

2 PhD STUDENTS „International (Environmental) Relations/Global
Governance”, full time, 4 years

Both PhD students will participate in the research programme
‘Analysing the Emergence, Effectiveness and Legitimacy of
Public-Private and Private-Private Governance Arrangements in Global
Sustainability Policy’, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for
Scientific Research. They will contribute to the overall theoretical
framework and the creation of a Global Sustainability Partnerships
Database, and will conduct qualitative empirical analysis of a set of
public-private or private-private partnerships.

The successful candidates will hold a master’s degree in political
science, international relations, public administration, environmental
studies, management studies, or a related discipline. Empirical
knowledge or work experience in environmental policy or global
governance is an asset. Excellent skills in English, the working
language within this research programme and within the department, are

The PhD students will be fully employed by the Institute for
Environmental Studies for a period of four years, with a monthly gross
salary of 1867 Euro (first year) rising to 2394 Euro (fourth year).
They will not have to pay any tuition fee within this PhD programme.
They will participate in the graduate programme of the institute and
are expected to defend their doctoral thesis, resulting from this
research programme, after four years.


The research team will be part of the Department of Environmental
Policy Analysis of the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at
the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Institute for Environmental
Studies (Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken, IVM) is the oldest
environmental research institute in the Netherlands. Since its
creation in 1971, IVM has built up considerable experience in dealing
with the complexities of environmental problems. The institute is now
a vibrant international research community of about 110 researchers
and supporting staff from a variety of countries and disciplines with
a mission to contribute to sustainable development and the
preservation of the environment through academic research and
education. The institute has repeatedly been evaluated as the best
Dutch research group in this field (www.

IVM’s Department of Environmental Policy Analysis (EPA) leads the
institute’s efforts in the field of environmental governance and
policy analysis. It responds to the societal need to alter existing
policies and explore new governance mechanisms that better guarantee a
transition to sustainable production and consumption. In line with
IVM’s multidisciplinary approach, the department strives to bring
insights from different disciplines together for joint research. The
international team includes experts from most fields of social
science, including anthropology, development studies, management
studies, law, philosophy, political science, public administration and
psychology. Many projects are international, and several team members
are active in international research networks, such as the
International Human Dimensions Programme, the Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change, the Millennium Assessment and the Global
Environmental Outlook assessment. This research will also c! ontribute
to the Global Governance Project (GLOGOV.ORG), a joint research
programme of four European research institutions endorsed by the
Institutional Dimensions project of the International Human Dimensions
Programme on Global Environmental Change.

FURTHER INFORMATION Additional information can be obtained from the
principal investigator of the programme and chair of the search
commission, Professor Frank Biermann, at

APPLICATIONS Applications, including a cover letter and a CV, should
be sent before 31 July 2005 to Dr J. M. R. M. Neutelings, Director
Administration, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit
Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
E-mail applications (PDF only) to falw- are

Since we expect a large number of applications, please do not send
letters of reference or publications in this first round.

By the end of August, we will inform all applicants whether their
application will be considered for the second round. Short-listed
candidates will then be invited to send selected publications and
letters of reference.