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Premii Ad Astra

premii Ad Astra

Asociația Ad Astra anunță lansarea proiectului Premiilor Ad Astra 2022 (link aici), care își propune identificarea și popularizarea modelelor de succes, a rezultatelor excepționale ale cercetătorilor români din țară și din afara ei. Regulamentul de participare se poate gasi aici, iar  pagina de inscriere se poate accesa aici.

Asociatia Ad Astra a cercetatorilor romani lanseaza BAZA DE DATE A CERCETATORILOR ROMANI DIN DIASPORA. Scopul acestei baze de date este aceea de a stimula colaborarea dintre cercetatorii romani de peste hotare dar si cu cercetatorii din Romania. Cercetatorii care doresc sa fie nominalizati in aceasta baza de date sunt rugati sa trimita un email la

MARIE CURIE – Last RTN-Call in FP6 just published

The European
Commission has just published the last call in the Research Training
Networks (RTN) scheme of Marie Curie in the 6th Framework Programme.
The call has a budget of 220 Mio. EUR. Deadline for an outline
proposal will be September 28, 2005 (2-stage submission; deadline for
full proposal: February 14, 2006). Proposals from all areas of
scientific and technological research of interest to the European
Communities are welcome.

A Research Training Network consists of a consortium of institutions
located in different (European) countries that propose a common
research project. This shall serve as an instrument for providing
training. A network consortium should include partners (e.g.
universities, research organisations, SME, international
organisations, etc.) from at least three Member or Associated states
of which two must be EU-Member or Candidate Countries and is typically
ranging from 6 to 14 teams.

RTNs are primarily directed towards the training of researchers with
less than 4 years of research experience. Experienced researchers
(4-10 years of experience or Ph.D.) can also be involved for the
purpose of transfer of knowledge. The researchers are appointed
directly by the network for up to 3 years.

The Commission is going to keep this „Research Training Network”
scheme also in the 7th Framework Programme („Marie Curie Networks”;
MCN). Drafts on this future scheme can be accessed in a Commission
working paper, which is published on the KoWi-Homepage

For more information, see:

Contact at KoWi: Sebastian Stetter email: Uwe David email: