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Quantum States of Neutrons in Magnetic Thin Films

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Autori: F. Radu, V. Leiner, M. Wolff, V. K. Ignatovich, and H. Zabel

Editorial: -, -, Phys. Rev. B, 71, p.214423, 2005.


We have studied experimentally and theoretically the interaction of polarized neutrons with magnetic thin films and magnetic multilayers. In particular, we have analyzed the behavior of the critical edges for total external reflection in both cases. For a single film we have observed experimentally and theoretically a simple behavior: the critical edges remain fixed and the intensity varies according to the angle between the polarization axis and the magnetization vector inside the film. For the multilayer case we find that the critical edges for spin up and spin down polarized neutrons move towards each other as a function of the angle between the magnetization vectors in adjacent ferromagnetic films. Although the results for multilayers and single thick layers appear to be different, in fact the same spinor method explains both results. An interpretation of the critical edges behavior for the multilyers as a superposition of ferromagnetic and antifferomagnetic states is given.

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